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"Keeping the Fun in Flying!"
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November 2015



     We have gone back and forth with pilots and officials from the JAARS Airport (N52), Waxhaw, NC regarding the Operation Fly NC stamp. According to Eric at JAARS the stamp is in the outside phone box but hidden on an interior ledge in the box. Apparently area youth have been tampering with the box on occasion and they thought it best to conceal the stamp. 

     It has been a great 2015 Fall fly-in and airshow season! We had a great time speaking with folks at the Winston-Salem, Wilmington and Monroe, North Carolina events. It was equally awesome to have such good crowds for our "Flight 5481 Unraveled" seminar in New Bern and Franklin, NC. Look forward to our course based on this seminar as we put the final touches on the "beta" project.

“Keeping the fun in flying!"

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Aviation is Too Cheap


     I had an opportunity to take a short vacation with one of my daughters recently to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For no good reason I had not visited this beach for at least fifteen years. In addition to the rampant growth in general one of the most obvious changes since my hiatus were the consistent sounds of rotor blades of the numerous helicopters providing rides to fellow tourist. After the fact I observed the tour company dominated dozens of billboards, tourism brochures and restaurant menus in the Greater Myrtle Beach region.


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TC Freemanhas been flying since he was a teenager and is now an aviation speaker and author. Being employed as an Aviation Safety Specialist for state government, he has a passion for spreading the thrill of flying just for the fun of it via the website,


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* Congrats to our latest OP Fly NC Winners!

James Murphy, Shallotte, NC (Bronze Level)

Dennis Bunn, Wilson, NC (Silver Level Award)

* If you close to finishing Operation Fly NC think about completing a pilot ambassador program in another State. We have a new web site to help pilots easily find airport visitation programs. Go to

* Great News! You can get a seminar credit for the seminar requirement for Operation Fly NC by taking our online audio course,
“Flying Into Non-Towered Airports.” We are offering “Pay What You Want” pricing via PayPal for a short time. While this has been available previously in an audio presentation format, the course has been upgraded to allow pilots to access the audio without any external log-in pages and passwords. After listening to the course, there is a link to the quiz with seven questions about the material. It is graded to 100% for maximum learning. At the end of the course attendees will get a unique code to place in the “seminar” portion of the Operation Fly NC booklet.
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Howie Franklin made history serving five presidents as an Air Force flight attendant. (Click the picture for a link to purchase).

I am proud to know Howie Franklin, who is also the manager of the Cape Fear Regional Jetport (KSUT) in Southport, NC. The book is co-written by good friend and editor, Mark Grady.

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